The University of Kansas

Since its founding, the University of Kansas has embodied the aspirations and determination of the abolitionists who settled on the curve of the Kaw River in August 1854.

Their first goal was to ensure that the new Kansas Territory entered the union as a free state.

Another was to establish a university.

Map showing the location of KU campuses

Today, KU has become a major public research and teaching institution of 28,447 students and 2,600 faculty on five campuses (Lawrence, Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita, and Salina).

Its diverse elements are united by their mission to educate leaders, build healthy communities, and make discoveries that change the world.

A member of the prestigious Association of American Universities since 1909, KU consistently earns high rankings for its academic programs.

Its faculty and students are supported and strengthened by endowment assets of more than $1.44 billion.

It is committed to expanding innovative research and commercialization programs.

KU has 13 schools, including the only schools of pharmacy and medicine in the state, and offers more than 370 degree programs.

Particularly strong are special education, city management, speech-language pathology, rural medicine, clinical child psychology, nursing, occupational therapy, and social welfare.

Students, split almost equally between women and men, come from around the country and 105 countries and are about 15 percent multicultural.

The University Honors Program is nationally recognized, and KU has produced 27 Rhodes Scholars, more than all other Kansas schools combined.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center is the state’s only designated National Cancer Institute.

Eleven other major centers oversee research in life span issues, the humanities, transportation, the environment, biosciences, biodiversity, and polar ice sheets, among others.

Shot of the new BEST building Ten core service laboratories and two affiliated centers specialize in such fields as biomedical research, molecular structures, technology commercialization, and oil recovery.

KU has service centers statewide that offer training and professional development in law enforcement, firefighting, child development, health education, and public management.

A few months after the Civil War ended, KU was founded, opening in September 1866.

James Naismith, inventor of basketball

Just 32 years later, the inventor of basketball, James Naismith, founded a beloved tradition here.

Astronauts, artists, authors, business leaders, senators and governors, Pulitzer Prize winners, and a Nobel laureate launched their careers here.

In U.S. News & World Report Kansas University was #4 in the national rankings having won 5 National debate championships and 38 national basketball titles.

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Kansas University is a Proud Member of the United States Department of Education


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